We are developing and promoting 

new energy application technology.

From 15 minutes fast charging to AI locomotive, from MW solar energy storage system to Metro energy storage system, Wingo is devoting to exploring new energy application and innovation in traditional industries.

TBM intelligent control technology, 

innovative construction method

Wingo E-SMART LOCOMOTIVE has the characteristics of fast charging, AI driving, automatic network and remote control.It can shorten charging time, reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve progress of tunnel construction significantly.

E-SMART locomotive is developed specially for tunnel construction. It has characteristics of fast charging, AI driving, accurate positioning, anti-collision, anti-slide and data transmission.Wingo E-smart locomotive is providing advanced solutions for contractors to complete their mission more safely, efficiently and environment friendly. 

We have delivered hundreds sets of super battery locomotives since 2014. hey are smoothly operating in tunnel and Metro projects in the city of Lanzhou, Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Nanjing,

Chengdu, Kunming, Dongguan, Foshan in China. There are 16 locomotives working in Singapore metro and Israel metro.

Wingopower is an industry 4.0 platform
provider based on new energy application technology.

In 2013, Wingopower lab was found, engaged in battery application technology.

In 2014, Wingo lab developed the first 15 min fast- charging dynamic system, and the system was exported to Singapore.

In 2015, Wingo was awarded Shenzhen high-tech enterprise qualification and got nearly 100 invention patents, utility models and software works patents.

In 2016, the breakthrough of the world's first AI new energy locomotive (ESL).

By 2017, ESL AI locomotives is promoted around the world. MESS is promoted in nationwide.